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The Auditorium addition will fill the void between the two existing wings of the facility and unify the facility by integrating the three components into a single massing composition. This addition will be located above the existing center spine, allowing for the lower grounds to be provided with open space. It will be located in the second level with an open atrium linking the first floor with skylights and clerestories at the perimeter. The atrium will become the focal point as visitors enter the facility, and will easily identify the...

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Design Resources Group Architects is enhancing the appearance of commercial property in order to attract potential merchants. The exterior upgrades will be applied to the entire perimeter, with a focus on the front elevation facing the main road.  ...

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The addition to the County Theater will not duplicate the look of the existing building.  The façade will be neutral and modern in its aesthetic look but will not have the character that forces itself into you. The introduction of glazing as a major component of the façade will provide transparency and will reflect the historical building across the street as you drive or walk across the street.   A separate entrance is provided on the far end to access the community events that will also double as an egress exit. The...

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New Office

Our design team recently completed a project for our toughest client yet when we created our new design space in Somerset NJ. This new 10,000 square foot office suite resides on the top floor of the Philips Headquarters building just off of Davidson Ave. ...

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New Projects

Design Resources Group Architects was tasked by the Franklin Township BOE to develop a scope report. In addition, DRG Architects was asked to provide completed design documents and construction services....

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DRG Lands Phillipsburg Grant

Architects and LEEDTM accredited professionals from Design Resources Group, Architects worked with the Phillipsburg Board of Education and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to secure a $260,000 grant for the installation of a photovoltaic system on their new Early Childhood Center. The Early Childhood Center is scheduled to open in early 2006 and has been designed to maximize energy efficiency using the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEEDTM design techniques.


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