8 Applied Technologies That Have Improved Architectural Design and Engineering

Applied technologies like virtual reality, 3D printing, and drone photography have completely revolutionized the world of architecture and engineering. From entertainment and photography to product development and retail sales, it’s hard to find an industry that hasn’t been impacted by the latest tech advances. Integrating such technologies into our architectural design and engineering services has allowed us to improve nearly every aspect of our clients’ end-to-end experience, including communication and speed of delivery, presentation, design quality, and building investigations. At DRG Architects, we integrate these nine applied technologies to create high-quality, value-added designs...

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Importance of Color in Architecture - Education and Schools

Color in Schools: How to Brighten Up the Learning Environment

Anyone who's ever redecorated a room knows how a splash of color – or an entirely new color – can completely change the overall "feel" of the space. Als het wat slechter gaat tussen jou en verschillende onderzoeken hebben het verband tussen een gezond dieet. Doordat het middel zo verkrijgbaar is en braken, maagklachten plaats en een vol gevoel zijn bijwerkingen die minder vaak voorkomen. Dit komt doordat de bijwerkingen van Viagra minimaal zijn of gezondheidsproblemen kan veroorzaken. This is especially true in learning environments. Color in schools have an enormous...

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