Frank Parga with his mural, Hidden Language

Hidden Language

Hidden Language, a mural by Frank Parga, adorns the lobby of DRG Architects' recently completed Hungerford School. Hidden Language is a site-specific artwork created by Frank Parga for the lobby of the new Richard H. Hungerford School, Staten Island. It was inspired by the tulip trees found in the forest next to the school campus. The work is made of regionally sourced red oak wood panels that were cut, carved and hand-painted to look like a cross-section of a gigantic tree with its annual growth rings highlighted. Newly formed cells create...

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Designing for the Modern Tenant

Written by: Laura Colgan   Multifamily and mixed-use developments have seen a recent shift in tenant values in the last few years. Environments conducive to wellness, adaptive multi-use spaces, incorporation of new technology, and proximity to conveniences are at the forefront. While high-end finishes and grand architectural gestures make bold first impressions, what drives a tenant’s decision is the positive impact a space has on their quality of life. Gathering and applying this knowledge during the design development phase will maximize the opportunity for tenant satisfaction.   As of January 2023, only 37% of...

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    Lighting’s Role in the Classroom

    Written By: Emma Seiwell Our environments impact our feelings and moods, which in turn shape the experience we have in a given space. It’s critical to understand that the spaces we occupy in our day-to-day lives are never neutral. Classrooms- a central space in everyone’s young lives, should be thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and functionality. School design, which once took a one size fits all approach, with an emphasis on affordability, has come a long way. Slowly, school design has evolved in accent with changes in learning techniques and the...

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